Goodness for the whole family

There are so many reasons why we should all eat organic. Especially now that we acknowledge our responsibility in health prevention and the environmental impact of modern day farming techniques. Not to mention the sensational taste and the evidence that organic produce provides us with greater nutrients than conventional produce.

What is "certified organic"?

Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals. Instead, crop rotation and natural methods of pest and weed control are used. Pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers are prohibited. Soil fertility is again managed through crop rotation and the use of compost, natural mineral products and green manure. GMO's (genetically modified organisms), are also strictly prohibited. 
Certified Organic means that the business providing the fresh produce has gone through an Organic certification process. Meaning they have been audited on their business methods to ensure they comply with standards for organic farming and processing. Currently there is no National standard by which these organisations are obliged to follow. However in 2008, a draft was released by Standards Australia which will provide a benchmark for the minimum requirements met before produce can be labelled "certified organic". To ensure the certifying company meets minimum requirements you can access the organisations standards via their websites.

How can I ensure what I am eating really is "certified organic"

Certified organic produce will display the symbol of the organisation that provided certification, along with a number and batch code or system that can be traced by the specific organisation to the point of origin. This ensures that the provider is genuinely certified and has gone through and passed the stringent auditing process. Providers of certified organic produce are subject to annual audits as well as spot checks (unannounced audits).
We ensure that all our produce has been certified. These certifying companies are committed to meeting and exceeding internationally recognised standards.